What To Wear To Your Fall Photo Session

So you've decided to do a fall photo session! Yay! Whether it be an engagement shoot, a family photo session or even pictures of you and your dog... it's a common concern; what do I wear?! Well never fear, because your fall fashion style guide is here! 

Steer clear of patterns. You want your photos to look clean and cohesive. If everyone showed up wearing a separate pattern (ex stripes, plaid, polka dots etc) it would look like the busiest and craziest photo you've ever seen! Unless that's what you're going for, I'd say try to limit patterns to one family member's article of clothing. For example, perhaps your groom-to-be wants to wear an orange plaid shirt to match the orange you decide to wear in your dress; totally great idea. Not so great if all three of your kids show up in three variations of patterned bow ties. 

Don't overthink. I know this one sounds like reverse psychology, but I promise it's not. It's really important not to overthink your colour scheme you wish to go for. Meaning it's probably not ideal for every family member to wear the exact same shade of purple. Over matching is just as bad as not matching. You want the photos to look natural. It's not natural for an entire family to dress in all purple on a normal day to day basis. The matching of the clothing should look as natural as it can be, while still appearing to have been styled by a pro.

Choose a color scheme. Part of looking natural is choosing from a color scheme as opposed to all choosing the same color. First, choose your pop of color, and match two to three neutrals to your pop. For example, if the pop of color you choose is red, then pair it with cream, brown and denim. This saves looking too "matchy" with the fam, and yet still coordinating the outfits perfectly. 

Think about location. Location also plays a part in fashion! Think about where your photos are set to be taken and take that into consideration. For example, are you taking photos in a studio with a white backdrop? Or maybe outside in the fall leaves at the park? Or perhaps it's spring and you're in a lush green meadow. The colors of the season and/or surroundings are important because they will appear in the photo with you (surprise!). I would suggest choosing colors to wear that will compliment your surroundings. 

Work with what you've got. Lastly, it's important not to stress. Don't break the bank trying to scramble together some fabulous outfits straight out of Style magazine. I guarantee every family or couple has matching clothes somewhere in their closet. If it's overwhelming, play it simple and dress in your favorite neutrals. Be comfortable in what you choose to wear and wear it proudly! Remember you look amazing, and congrats on going through the process of matching all your outfits! Have fun!  

Here are some suggestions: