Laura&Michael Fall Mini @High Park Toronto

Welcome to the epitome of fall photo shoots! 

This mini family session with Laura and Michael was wonderful! I loved the color match of their outfits coinciding with the colors of the leaves / flowers and atmosphere. Autumn colors are definitely some of my favorite to work with.

I chose a couple of locations around High Park with high potency color for really strong backdrops. I used the yellows and oranges of the trees for the first set, then moved on to the natural feel of the long straw colored grasses. The weeds and grass I found really drew more attention to the family, as it was so muted and neutral in color. Then I chose some beautiful red trees to play around with. The red really captured my eye, and I was delighted to see the photos turned out with the same striking effect of the red.

This family was such a delight to photograph as well. It makes the chilly day outside much more enjoyable when there's smiles all around! I love capturing real moments as well, which I really thought I did with this shoot. Laura and Michael were so natural and completely themselves behind the camera, and I believe that's what will make the best memories when they look back on these photographs. 

Mini family sessions are great fun, and a fantastic idea when you have young children and want to photograph outside in cold weather. Sometimes the cold can be too much for children, or depending on age they may lose interest, but the timing of a mini photo shoot works beautifully. 

So happy with these gorgeous photos!! Such a great day.