Lynn's Cake Smash @Joseph Piccininni Park

I can't possibly think of a more delightful way to spend a Wednesday than taking these ADORABLE photos of little Lynn at her Cake Smash party!

It was a beautiful day at Joseph Piccininni Park. One challenge however was getting all the props, balloons and cake to the park... not easy; and of course once we got everything to the park, we lost almost all the balloons!! Makes for a funny story at least.

Everything was literally picture perfect (pun intended) with this shoot. Lynn's dress and flower crown matched perfectly with the cake and the decor. Her mom, Tatiana, was a genius in picking the outfit out. I absolutely love the whole pastel aesthetic we went for. Almost reminded me of whimsical younger version of Alice in Wonderland.  Lynn was such a sweetheart to have behind the camera! I enjoy child photography, and Lynn made this day so much more enjoyable than I could have imagined!  Happy 2nd birthday Lynn!!