Liping & Marius

This shoot with Liping and Marius was shot at Centennial Greenhouse. I love how fun loving this couple is. They are full of smiles and laughter, and that was definitely portrayed on camera. 

The location was absolutely beautiful. I chose to shoot at the Centennial Greenhouse because it looks so much like summer. Perhpas that's why it's also my fav location! :p Greenery, especially succulents and cacti, are really in style for interior and exterior decorating right now. Many decorators I know have been using so much greenery, which made me want to use this location even more - people are going crazy for the aesthetic. 

The succulent/cacti rooms make the shoot feel so much more exotic and warm. As soon as we move on over to the spring flower rooms, immediately the feel gets softer and more playful. I find the shots with the spring flowers have a very innocent vibe; in particular the use of the white flowers. 

I loved all the poses Liping and Marius brought to the table! Lots of hugs and adorable hand holding. I helped pose them at certain points, and they listened well to direction. One of my favourite poses is the leading pose - where they hold hands with one walking in front of the other. I feel like it looks adventurous on camera. It tells a story about the couple. It causes the viewer to feel as if the couple is going somewhere within the frame. I find implied movement very visually pleasing. 

The couple's outfits were also a great choice for the location. Not too colourful, so they weren't clashing with the flowers at all, and they matched very well. Simple is sometimes best when you're shooting in a visually busy location. 

Liping and Marius have been together for 9 months, but you would think they've been together forever. They are very comfortable in front of the camera and comfortable with each other. I loved working with them!

I look forward to many more shoots in this gorgeous location, and I wish this beautiful couple all the luck in the world!